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>Speaking of which, what calendar would the lunarians would use? Gregorian
>or Lunar?

Universal, of course. Just like everyone else. (^_^)

By the reckoning that has UC 0001 equivalent to AD 2045, UC 0079 is the
Year of the Ram 4822.

>To all heretics that would say that the 'For all' Turn A Gundam be ugly be
>damned, give a chance, wait a while, and let's see the damn thing in action.
>There are at least two more months, and many changes ahead. For all we
>know, the That may not be the actual turn A Gundam, but mirror E Gundam!

The Mother of All Gundams is the set that includes all sets that are not
the set itself. (-_-)

Ten years ago, Sunrise released a music video that was mostly about Gundam
0080 but kicked off with a 180-second retrospective of all of the Gundam to
that date, entitled "All That's Gundam"....


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