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>Maybe this ground has been covered but just thinking what does the A stand
>for? I've heard from the discussions here that it was some mathematical
>symbol but could it simply be "Turn A[round]" Gundam? Maybe that would
>explain all the drastic changes from the previous series..

The inverted-A symbol is a mathematical symbol used in set theory. It
means "for all" or "for every" and is used to construct logical arguments,

"[For all] a [such that] a is a real number, a^2 >= 0"

[For all] would be represented by the inverted-A and [such that] by another
symbol that resembles the new Euro symbol, only backward. Yet another
symbol, a backward-E, means "there exists"....

For those of you, like Mark, who've been trying to figure out how to
display the inverted-A symbol on a Web page, I've found the answer.
There's a "Forall" symbol in the ISO character set. It can be displayed
one of two ways:




The former method doesn't work with all browsers, but the latter seems to
work just fine. In practice, though, Mark and I have found it best to
enclosed the character between a pair of FONT tags, like so:


"Turn-A Gundam" would therefore be written as "<FONT>&#8704;</FONT> Gundam"
in the actual HTML code.

As for what it means, well, given the Three Musketeers style cross
displayed so prominently on it's chest, it wouldn't be too farfetched to
see it as a pun:

"One [For All]...." (^_^)

If this were the UC timeline, I'd have the action take place in the first
space colony of L4. The gives us:

"One [For All] in L4 One!" (o.0);;;


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