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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 21:37:20 -0700 (MST)

> Modern-day navies don't use battleships, and even cruisers seem to be
  Except for land-bombardment and for heavy missile-carrying, especially
  In Gundam-terms this might be for bombardment on a planetary scale,
though the spacenoids never seem to do this! The only example of it I can
think of is with a mobile suit, the Zanneck.

> The Federal Forces, on the other hand, adhere to a "Big ships, big guns"
> philosophy; as of the start of the war, they rely on huge fleets of immense
> space warships laden with cannons and missile launchers. They also have

  Which makes sense for the pre-MS era, after all, who did they have to
fight anyway? The space battleships were probably used more for
interdiction of transports during the enforcement of embargoes, duties
that space-fighters can't really do.

> a major role in fleet battles (hard to take down a cruiser with a
> Saberfish, I suppose).

  Too much AAA I guess. I suppose this means that Fed battleships had
excellent radar systems coupled to their AAA turrets, it's the only way to
explain why there are no space-fighters in use while at the same time MS
can attack a battleship freely and not get hit by Flak!

> Meanwhile, the Zeons gave all their ships mobile suit carrying capacity.
> Rather than centralizing their air power on large carriers - the only

  Which suggests that the Zeon ships were designed _after_ MS were
developed. Interesting eh? What are those wierd curved vents on the sides
of Musai for anyway?

> analogues to modern aircraft carriers are Zeon's two Doros-class carries -
> they distribute their mobile suit forces throughout the fleet, with every

  I don't recall the Doros-carriers, what do they look like and how many
of them did Zeons have?

> cruiser carrying a bunch of mobile suits. The eight huge Gwajin-class
> battleships, which serve as fleet flagships, are also pretty substantial
> carriers - they can hold 20 or more mobile suits.

  Whew! Five whole squads of MS, or perhaps a full company plus command
  Though what gets me about the Guaden super-battleships is the fact that
they don't _look_ the same style as the Musai or anything else Zeon.
They're big, bright, organic, and aerodynamic. Why?
  Could they be converted JEF ships of some kind?

> One interesting note: While all Federation ships pack plenty of anti-air
> defenses (mostly machine gun turrets), Zeon's Musai only has anti-ship
> weapons - no machine gun turrets in sight. Whether they were depending on
> mobile suits to protect the ship, or whether this is simply an oversight by
> Okawara (aside from the Musai and White Base, the other ships were pretty
> much designed by Tomino himself), is hard to say.

  It's curious, but it's entirely possible that:

        1. Space combat is FAST
        2. Space fighters are hard to track, so
        3. The only way to hit fighters/MS with AAA is with a very
           good radar-linked AAA network.
        4. M-particles obliviate Radar, so
        5. There's no point mounting AAA-turrets w/radar on a ship
           designed to operate in M-particle conditions.


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