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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>yeah! way cool! I got to find this book in Toronto... It's in Japanese
>right? :( I hope there's lots of Kanji.

  There's a fair bit, and you do get lots of diagrams and charts. I think I
wrote up a summary of the facts and figures a while ago - Dafydd might have
it on file. :-)

>Another question is what's the roles of different ships? If a
>Magellan/Gwazine class is something like Yorktown(?) (big battle ship with
>long range heavy artillery), and MS are like high performance fighter
>(short operational and firing range, but enough fire power to take out or
>severely damage a big ship). What about Salamis/Musai? High speed
>destroyer? Medium artillery and some anti-MS weaponry? I am trying make
>these ships more interesting than just MS-carriers.

  Well, the Federation ships don't even carry mobile suits until the end of
the war (if then), so their combat role certainly goes beyond that of a

  Modern-day navies don't use battleships, and even cruisers seem to be
scarce; the emphasis is on smaller vessels like destroyers and frigates,
with carrier-based aircraft providing most of the muscle.

  The Federal Forces, on the other hand, adhere to a "Big ships, big guns"
philosophy; as of the start of the war, they rely on huge fleets of immense
space warships laden with cannons and missile launchers. They also have
space fighters like the Saberfish, but according to the Hobby Japan book,
these are mostly stationed at colonies for air defense rather than playing
a major role in fleet battles (hard to take down a cruiser with a
Saberfish, I suppose).

  Meanwhile, the Zeons gave all their ships mobile suit carrying capacity.
Rather than centralizing their air power on large carriers - the only
analogues to modern aircraft carriers are Zeon's two Doros-class carries -
they distribute their mobile suit forces throughout the fleet, with every
cruiser carrying a bunch of mobile suits. The eight huge Gwajin-class
battleships, which serve as fleet flagships, are also pretty substantial
carriers - they can hold 20 or more mobile suits.

  There's not a lot of difference between the Federation's battleships and
cruisers, or between Zeon's heavy and light cruisers; the former are just
bigger, pack more firepower, and carry more mobile suits. As noted above,
Zeon's Gwajin-class battleship is exclusively used as a fleet flagship.

  One interesting note: While all Federation ships pack plenty of anti-air
defenses (mostly machine gun turrets), Zeon's Musai only has anti-ship
weapons - no machine gun turrets in sight. Whether they were depending on
mobile suits to protect the ship, or whether this is simply an oversight by
Okawara (aside from the Musai and White Base, the other ships were pretty
much designed by Tomino himself), is hard to say.

-- Mark

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