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Otro Que Muerde el Polvo (ajimenez@ucsm.edu.pe)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 14:30:54 -0500

Thanks for the welcome and your comments regarding the 1/144 GP02A.

I thought the photos in HLJ website were from kits built out of the box,
without modifying o painting, their GP02A has quite a bit of details in color.

I use to build scale models, aircraft mainly and once in a while a tank or
two. Is styrene plastic used in Gundam models? What kind of paint and glues
do you use?

Also, I have seen the parts come in trees or runners, like my aircraft
models. With them, I have to cut off the parts with a sharp blade, but no
matter how carefull, it always remains a small bump that has to be sanded,
very often halves do not fit perfectly and filling with putty and more
sanding is required. Then model needs painting to cover the sanded and
filled spots under a smooth, seamless finish. How true is that you don't
need glue or paint in a Gundam model? Do parts fit that well?

Thanks again and sorry for so many questions, but since I'm a clueless
newbie, guess I'm entitled :P

Alvaro Jimenez / U.C. Anime / <ajimenez@ucsm.edu.pe>
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the sort of wife you can buy" ---- Robert A. Heinlein ----

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