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At 09:08 PM 2/11/99 , -Z- wrote:
>After a lot of hemming and hawing, I've finally committed my comparative
>analysis of the Gundam world and O'Neill's "High Frontier" concept.
>Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier is now available for review at:
>This Version 1.0 is styled text only. I have a number of graphics with
>which I'll begin illustrating it, just as soon as I can work out the
>accreditation and copyright issues.
>Meanwhile, here's what amounts to an FAQ of all the science stuff that's
>been covered piecemeal here over the last few years.
>This will be subject the usual stepwise refinement based primarily on
>feedback from viewers like you. If you find anything that needs more
>explanation or have quibbles with anything on the MSG:HF page, post it
>so that everyone can benefit from it.
>And if anyone feels like donating graphics, particularly illustrations
>the arrangement of Lagrange points and Sides (hint to Mark, hint!
>hint!) or
>a watermark-style wallpaper that would suit the theme of the page, I'd
>much obliged and make sure you get credited, with in-line links, as I've
>done on my "Orphan Ann" Home Page.
>Ok, folks, have at it!

Well done. Well done indeed.

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