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>>Whats next, Mighty Morphin Gundam Combiner!!

>Been there, done that. The original Gundam was a "combiner" that blended
>the Core Fighter with A Parts (head, shoulders and arms) and B Parts (hips
>and legs) to create Gundam and recombined those parts and Core Booster to
>create G-Armor, G-Bull, G-Fighter and G-Sky. The technology is called the
>Core Block System (CBS).

        Yah, I bought a kit of that...still fiddling with it so I can use it with
the HG 1/144 RX-78 I got...getting it to look right with the corefighter of
the HG was easier than I thought...just a little bit of mods here and
there, and don't expect it to be as proportioned as the cartoons...

>The MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam is the champion combiner, however, replacing the A
>Parts and B Parts with transforming fighters, analogous to the Core
>Fighter, called Core Top and Core Base, respectively. The ZZ transformed
>into G-Fortress, but the Core Top and Core Fighter could merge into another
>(unnamed) craft, as could the Core Base and Core Fighter. And, yes, it
>took three pilots to bring it all together. "Always Three, Working As
>One...!" (^_^)

        Well, the HG kit of this is incredibly nice, I have to say, even though it
has by necessity limited posability...thanks in part to the non-jointed
waist and the weird contruction of the hip plates. I had a FAZZ, so I
stuck the FAZZ's BFG onto my ZZ, and it looked way FAZZ now
looks like the one in Battlemaster...What I'm trying to figure out now is
how to mod the missile systems on the backpack...

>The Core Block System made it's triumphant return in V Gundam. The A Parts
>and B Parts are now called Top Limb and Bottom Limb. Again, the Top Limb
>and Core Fighter could join to form the Top Fighter and the Bottom Limb and
>Core Fighter could join to form the Bottom Fighter. There was no further
>recombination of which I'm aware, but fully formed LM312V04 V Gundam could
>merge Super Gundam style with the SD-VB03A Dash to form the V-Dash Gundam.

        HMMM. Did the 1/100 version of the kit have a backpack which could
transform into the corefighter addition? I only have the V2s. Also,
didn't the cluster and neo gundams of f90 have corefighters? and don't the
G gundams qualify as core fighter equipped?

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