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Richie Ramos (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 20:55:55 +0800

>>Gathering information for my first order, I read in The Gundam Project:
>>"The Gundam GP02A from this series (1/144 MSG 0083) was probably the
>>worst Gundam kit released within the past decade". Why is that? The
>>is one of my faves and I was going to buy it.
>There are a lot of little problems with the kit, mostly centering around
>the joints.

        Yes, the joint system for the shoulder armor/boosters are kinda brittle.
plastic-to-plastic joints never sounded like a good idea, for me.

>The biggest problem with the kit is that it is molded *completely* in
>gray. Not
>flat gray, or primer gray, gloss gray. Unless you airbrush, it takes 2
>coats of white paint to get it to the appropriate color, white. I used 2
>bottles of
>paint doing my first one.

        I used actual pylox spray paint to get mine the right for the
blue...metallic blue looks good.
>Limited Models are supposed to be bigger scale kits of models that either
>never came out, or came out in a much smaller scale. They look decent,
>you have to do quite a bit of painting and cementing to get them to look

        The LM kit of the leo is the only one I liked...with the Jenice coming in
a close second...

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