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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 01:29:27 -0800

On 12 Feb 99, at 1:16, Kota Fujimura wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> > The NewType article also seems fuzzy on a couple of key points. They
> > spend a lot of time wondering which calendar the date of 2345 is measured
> > in; while AD seems a likely candidate, they suggest it's a point of
> > mystery. And the description of the Gundam that "emerges from the rock"
> > varies;
> Actually, I heard it was never specified if the robot coming out of the
> rock is "Turn-A Gundam". Did NT specifically say so?

Look at mine. No, but it did refer to it as a Mobile Suits right there.

> Now, there is a magazine called "Flash", which is not anime-related
> magazine like NewType or Animage, and it ran an interview with Tomino on
> its latest issue. In that interview, he did use the words "mobile suit".
> Since "Flash" is aimed toward general public, Tomino probably wouldn't try
> to confuse the reporter, so I'm assuming they really are mobile suits.

Gee! Another excuse for me to get aother skin magazine.(I know,
the nudity shots in Flash is only about a dozens an issue) At least I
can say I got it for the articles. ^_^
In addition, Japanese Postal Min. is doing taking vote for their 20th
Cen. stamp, a la USPS.

For the Post-War to First Oil Shock Era: There are those choices
in Anime/Manga category.

Sazae-San, O-Bake-no-Q-Taro, Ashita no Joe, Rose of V., Star of
Giant, Ohmitsu-Hime, Osomatsu-Kun

For the post-Oil Shock to current era:

Yamato, Gundam, Captain Tsubasa, Touch, DragonBall, Apanman,
Pokemon, Evagelion.

So, if you ever wanted to lick a Gundam, you are welcome to check
it out. ^_^ I am still researching if I would have to fake adress in
Japan to vote on it. And if I vote, I think I may perfer to lick
Apanman. ^_^

Jim Huang
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When Gundam fans copy the style of Char Azunabel, they are called

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