Re: [gundam] news section on 'Turn A' Gundam

Mark Simmons (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 00:05:05 -0800

Kota writes,

>Actually, I heard it was never specified if the robot coming out of the
>rock is "Turn-A Gundam". Did NT specifically say so?

  Actually, maybe not. Julie borrowed the issue for the day, so I can't
say for sure.

>Well, this is what I think: the official information passed out by
>Sunrise never specified if those weapons were mobile suits. They did
>specify it was bipedal.
>Now, there is a magazine called "Flash", which is not anime-related
>magazine like NewType or Animage, and it ran an interview with Tomino on
>its latest issue. In that interview, he did use the words "mobile suit".
>Since "Flash" is aimed toward general public, Tomino probably wouldn't try
>to confuse the reporter, so I'm assuming they really are mobile suits.

  It seems likely enough. The word "mobile suit" is one of the few
constants of the alternate universes; the reference to "two-legged
vehicles" is probably just for dramatic effect.

>I've heard VG had even more severe problem with staff.

  Really? But the end result was certainly much more artistically
successful than F91...

>Well, I believe Tomino said you can get some idea to what kind of story
>this will be if you see later half of Brainpowerd...

  Um... Dunbine? <grin>

-- Mark

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