Re: [gundam] news section on 'Turn A' Gundam

Kota Fujimura (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 01:16:39 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:

> The NewType article also seems fuzzy on a couple of key points. They
> spend a lot of time wondering which calendar the date of 2345 is measured
> in; while AD seems a likely candidate, they suggest it's a point of
> mystery. And the description of the Gundam that "emerges from the rock"
> varies;

Actually, I heard it was never specified if the robot coming out of the
rock is "Turn-A Gundam". Did NT specifically say so?

> at some points they flatly describe it as a mobile suit, at others
> as "something like a mobile suit," both of which suggest that the
> "two-legged machines" of the invading Moon Race may bear the traditional
> moniker. Kota, do your sources suggest otherwise?

Well, this is what I think: the official information passed out by
Sunrise never specified if those weapons were mobile suits. They did
specify it was bipedal.

Now, there is a magazine called "Flash", which is not anime-related
magazine like NewType or Animage, and it ran an interview with Tomino on
its latest issue. In that interview, he did use the words "mobile suit".
Since "Flash" is aimed toward general public, Tomino probably wouldn't try
to confuse the reporter, so I'm assuming they really are mobile suits.
> >Also, Tomino related story. I didn't know about this, but he had
> >difficulty producing the show ever since F-91, which caused him to fear
> >he can't make anime any more
> I believe I recall that in his convention appearance here right after
> F91, he lamented how badly F91 got screwed up by staff problems...

I've heard VG had even more severe problem with staff.
> >But he was able to find a good method of leading production stuff
> >during "Brainpowerd", and now he's back!
> Let's hope it's a livelier show than Brain Powerd. ;-)

Well, I believe Tomino said you can get some idea to what kind of story
this will be if you see later half of Brainpowerd...


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