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-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 21:08:25 -0800

After a lot of hemming and hawing, I've finally committed my comparative
analysis of the Gundam world and O'Neill's "High Frontier" concept.

Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier is now available for review at:


This Version 1.0 is styled text only. I have a number of graphics with
which I'll begin illustrating it, just as soon as I can work out the
accreditation and copyright issues.

Meanwhile, here's what amounts to an FAQ of all the science stuff that's
been covered piecemeal here over the last few years.

This will be subject the usual stepwise refinement based primarily on
feedback from viewers like you. If you find anything that needs more
explanation or have quibbles with anything on the MSG:HF page, post it here
so that everyone can benefit from it.

And if anyone feels like donating graphics, particularly illustrations of
the arrangement of Lagrange points and Sides (hint to Mark, hint! hint!) or
a watermark-style wallpaper that would suit the theme of the page, I'd be
much obliged and make sure you get credited, with in-line links, as I've
done on my "Orphan Ann" Home Page.

Ok, folks, have at it!


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