Re: [gundam] news section on 'Turn A' Gundam

Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 18:32:56 PST

>What I don't understand is, why is this new Gundam such a radical
change from
>the other Gundam shows? Why didn't they conitnue the main Gundam time
>with something titled 0085 or even 0090, ya know? This Turn A Gundam
could be
>a very good show, but this new Gundam show is REALLY a true-side story.
Turn A
>Gundam goes way beyond Gundam Wing, the main Gundam time line, even G

That's the idea. I think the reasoning is that we've gone five years
without a UC series (8MST nonwithstanding). The only people who would
really benefit form such a series would be those who were around to
appreciate the UC saga - and you've got to admit, the intended audience
(pre to early teens) isn't necessarily the biggest part of it. Remember,
the UC OVA series are mainly for those fans of the older series; and
V-Gundam was at first spurned for being the "anti-Gundam"... By the same

This is why the Gundam theme is repeated over and over again... The
intended audience has grown up, to be replaced by another, newer one.
Since the most money can be made by catering to this audience, it's only
logical to save the trouble of continuity by starting anew with the
tried and true formula and image of Gundam.


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