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Dafydd writes,

>See also Nausicaa, with the Moon People as the Tolumekians invading the
>Planet of the Wheat with newly-recovered technology.

  Yeah, good example.

>Hmm. L-Gaim had a similar situation, but not so much regression.

  Not really. L.Gaim's civilization is in a gentle but constant process of
decline - it's not like they've forgotten all about the good old days.

>This does make me worry about the science, though. You can only
>"backslide" so far in an environment like the Moon before you lose the
>ability to maintain the biosphere. Unless the Moon has been terraformed in
>some way, in which case you have a whole different universe even if it _is_
>an AD timeline.

  Remember, the moonies are the guys with the giant robots. It could be
that _they've_ retained the technology required for their survival, and are
now using it to try and seize the planet back from their degenerate
kinfolk. Sheer speculation, of course, but I can see some interesting
potential in this scenario...

>Or Gainax. "Rolan & the Mobile Suit of Mystery: Secret of Blue Destiny...."

  Yeah, that came to mind also. But Nadia owes more than a little to Verne
already, so the 19th-century sci-fi angle seems to have it covered...

-- Mark

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