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> It's noted (accompanying the pictures of mine-owners Mr. and Mrs. Heim)
>that the technology of this world is approximately 19th-century. Coupled
>with Kota's tidbit about "the destructive weapons of previous generations,"
>I'm guessing that the story depicts a future society that's backslid in
>terms of technology, with the Gundam likely being a relic of a warlike past
>(shades of the Galient video "Crest of Iron," and doubtless lots more
>sci-fi antecedents).

See also Nausicaa, with the Moon People as the Tolumekians invading the
Planet of the Wheat with newly-recovered technology.

Hmm. L-Gaim had a similar situation, but not so much regression. 19th
Century allows for much modern hardware, though -- tanks and planes of a
sort, machine guns of the Gatling/Maxim variety, zeppelins, gas/chemical
weapons, biological weapons of a sort, steamships, etc. Almost everything
used in WW1 had been in development in the last quarter of the 19th
Century, so you can have something very similar to Kishin Heidan with a
set-up like this.

This does make me worry about the science, though. You can only
"backslide" so far in an environment like the Moon before you lose the
ability to maintain the biosphere. Unless the Moon has been terraformed in
some way, in which case you have a whole different universe even if it _is_
an AD timeline.

> Lastly, looking at the full-size Mead painting, I'm getting this weird
>War of the Worlds vibe from the secondary mecha. Coupled with the
>19th-century scenario, I have to wonder whether Tomino is trying for
>another homage to classic sci-fi authors like HG Wells and Jules Verne (who
>was amply homaged in Crossbone Gundam).

And, as noted above, maybe a few tips of the hat to Hayao Miyazaki, too!

Or Gainax. "Rolan & the Mobile Suit of Mystery: Secret of Blue Destiny...."


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