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>Gathering information for my first order, I read in The Gundam Project:
>"The Gundam GP02A from this series (1/144 MSG 0083) was probably the
>worst Gundam kit released within the past decade". Why is that? The
>is one of my faves and I was going to buy it.

There are a lot of little problems with the kit, mostly centering around
the joints.
The biggest problem with the kit is that it is molded *completely* in
gray. Not
flat gray, or primer gray, gloss gray. Unless you airbrush, it takes 2
coats of white paint to get it to the appropriate color, white. I used 2
bottles of
paint doing my first one. When I built a second one in flight
configuration, I
demolished my first one so that I wouldn't have to use so much paint.
Other than the fact that it is molded in gray and joints are loose, the
kit is kind
of nice.

>Also, could please anybody tell me what differences and features should
>expect from kits labeled High Grade, Master Grade and Limited Model?

For High Grade, it all depends on what kit you are getting. If you are
getting a
HG kit from more than 5 years ago, you will be getting a kit that is
molded in
the correct base color and is snap together. If you are lucky and get one
has System Injection, then it will even have pieces that are completely
in all the correct colors. Either with or without SI, you are looking at
a kit that
looks good out of the box, with a minimum of painting. If you are getting
a more
recent HG, then you are looking at a kit that has the primary color
correct, but
comes with very few other thrills. Very rarely do the newer kits have an
of SI, in other words, you do have to do a bit of painting.
Master Grades are to now, what High Grades used to be years ago. You get
kit molded in the correct base color, and you also get pieces that are
in multiple colors. The kits are either snap-tite or screw together.
Either way,
they look great without having to paint them. However, you pay through
nose for these features.
Limited Models are supposed to be bigger scale kits of models that either
never came out, or came out in a much smaller scale. They look decent,
you have to do quite a bit of painting and cementing to get them to look

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