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On the Turn-A subject...

  So, I picked up the March issue of NewType and scoped out the Turn-A
feature. You do get a very large, clear version of Syd Mead's mecha
illustration, and lots more sketches of the principal characters. There's
also some interesting info in the skimpy body text, so allow me to follow
up on Kota's earlier summation...

  It's noted (accompanying the pictures of mine-owners Mr. and Mrs. Heim)
that the technology of this world is approximately 19th-century. Coupled
with Kota's tidbit about "the destructive weapons of previous generations,"
I'm guessing that the story depicts a future society that's backslid in
terms of technology, with the Gundam likely being a relic of a warlike past
(shades of the Galient video "Crest of Iron," and doubtless lots more
sci-fi antecedents).

  The NewType article also seems fuzzy on a couple of key points. They
spend a lot of time wondering which calendar the date of 2345 is measured
in; while AD seems a likely candidate, they suggest it's a point of
mystery. And the description of the Gundam that "emerges from the rock"
varies; at some points they flatly describe it as a mobile suit, at others
as "something like a mobile suit," both of which suggest that the
"two-legged machines" of the invading Moon Race may bear the traditional
moniker. Kota, do your sources suggest otherwise?

  Lastly, looking at the full-size Mead painting, I'm getting this weird
War of the Worlds vibe from the secondary mecha. Coupled with the
19th-century scenario, I have to wonder whether Tomino is trying for
another homage to classic sci-fi authors like HG Wells and Jules Verne (who
was amply homaged in Crossbone Gundam).

  Heaven help me, I'm actually getting curious about the new show... :-)

Meanwhile, Kota writes,

>I heard an interesting rumor about Okawara. Unlike many of mecha
>designers, who takes great pride in their work and refused to listen to
>other suggestions, he willingly fixes his work to whatever the
>suggestion. This is supposedly said by Yoshikazu Yakuhiko himself.

  Yaz should know; after all, he was the guy who stepped in to design the
F91 Gundam when Okawara was (judging from his sketches) having a devil of a
time with the design...

>Also, Tomino related story. I didn't know about this, but he had
>difficulty producing the show ever since F-91, which caused him to fear
>he can't make anime any more

  I believe I recall that in his convention appearance here right after
F91, he lamented how badly F91 got screwed up by staff problems...

>But he was able to find a good method of leading production stuff
>during "Brainpowerd", and now he's back!

  Let's hope it's a livelier show than Brain Powerd. ;-)

-- Mark

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