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Kota Fujimura (fujimura+@MAIL1.ANDREW.CMU.EDU)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:03:22 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 08:11:09 -0800 Rodrick Su <> wrote:
> The only thing not already mentioned in this ML is the addition of
> Ohkawara Kunioh in addition to Syd Mead as mechnical designers. Aleast
> they are using some proven talent (in addition to Syd, who have never
> designed a mecha before) to design the mecha.

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned already.

Funny thing is, we have yet to see Okawara-esque mecah design yet.
(Then again, we've only seen 3 mechas so far...)

I heard an interesting rumor about Okawara. Unlike many of mecha
designers, who takes great pride in their work and refused to listen to
other suggestions, he willingly fixes his work to whatever the
suggestion. This is supposedly said by Yoshikazu Yakuhiko himself.

Also, Tomino related story. I didn't know about this, but he had
difficulty producing the show ever since F-91, which caused him to fear
he can't make anime any more (until few years ago, he thought doing
another Gundam will be nothing but pain). But he was able to find a
good method of leading production stuff during "Brainpowerd", and now
he's back!

Also, he says he's trying to portray how the generation that forgot
about war and conflict will react to the destructive weapons of
previous generations. Hmm, where did I hear that before....

Kota Fujimura

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