[gundam] Quality of 1/144 GP02A

Otro Que Muerde el Polvo (ajimenez@ucsm.edu.pe)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:25:50 -0500

Greetings, I write from Peru. My name is Alvaro Jimenez and my exposure to
Gundam has been limited to the Anime so far, but I'd like to start building
models too.

Gathering information for my first order, I read in The Gundam Project:
"The Gundam GP02A from this series (1/144 MSG 0083) was probably the single
worst Gundam kit released within the past decade". Why is that? The GP02A
is one of my faves and I was going to buy it.

Also, could please anybody tell me what differences and features should I
expect from kits labeled High Grade, Master Grade and Limited Model?

Thanks for your help.

Alvaro Jimenez / U.C. Anime / <ajimenez@ucsm.edu.pe>
"The sort of guardian you can hire is worth about as much as
the sort of wife you can buy" ---- Robert A. Heinlein ----

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