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>>A platoon, at least in the US military. The platoon is 4 tanks.
> Gotcha. So the nomenclature is the same across the board. Thus, we
>could have a mobile suit organization like this...
> 1 battalion = 4 companies = 64 mobile suits
> 1 company = 4 platoons ("teams") = 16 mobile suits
> 1 platoon = 4 mobile suits = 4 mobile suits
> The numbers are pretty variable depending on organization and carrying
>capacity of ships involved. For example, the Kojima Battalion in 08th MS
>Team consists of one headquarters company, one anti-mobile suit infantry
>company, and only two mobile suit companies. Each MS company is made up
>of four teams of three mobile suits each, for a battalion total of only
>24 mobile suits.
>-- Mark

        Don't forget the hovertank in the MS Team. I believe each team comes
with its own "Listening Post" (the way the military works... go figure. =),
so each MS Team have effectively 4 units: 3 Gundams and a Hovertank, which
will make it compliant with US tank platoons.

        Incidentally, are all the MS Teams in 08 MS Team equipped with
79(G)s? I recall the 04th, 06th, and 08th Teams are, while the 07th Team was
equipped with GMs..

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