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Sunrise announces new GUNDAM's title, characters
On January 8, Sunrise revealed the title and preliminary rough designs
for TURN A GUNDAM (TAG), a new TV series for the spring 1999 season.
GUNDAM creator Tomino Yoshiyuki is slated to direct. Originally titled
"Gundam A Project" during pre-production, TAG's main character is
Roran Seakku, a youth of Moon Race descent seeking peace between the
people of Earth and the Moon. Kieru and Soshie Haim, two daughters of
a mining magnate, help this stranger and allow him to work at the
family's mines as the story opens.

With TURN A GUNDAM, Tomino returns to Gundam animation for the first
time since MOBILE SUIT V GUNDAM (1993). The 20th anniversary series
will also feature Sunrise's ever-ubiquitous co-creator "Yadate
Hajime," character designer Yasuda Akira (Capcom's STREET FIGHTER and
VAMPIRE HUNTER games) and mecha designers Ohkawara Kunioh (GUNDAM,
VOTOMS) and Syd Mead (BLADE RUNNER, YAMATO 2520). Kanno Youko will
compose the music for TAG, after previously working with Sunrise on

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The only thing not already mentioned in this ML is the addition of
Ohkawara Kunioh in addition to Syd Mead as mechnical designers. Aleast
they are using some proven talent (in addition to Syd, who have never
designed a mecha before) to design the mecha.

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