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Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 01:54:41 PST

>> Not just HJ; I have some of the 1/100's, and I have seen photos of
>> the 1/144 kits everywhere, including the mod-free Bandai flyer...
> I have ALL the 1/100 kits and ALL of the 1/144s (with the exception
>the TallgeeseIII which is a recycled TI)

I know, you've told me this a couple times now...

>> > The 1/144s are newer and have better technology and all-around
>> They may have better Joints but the 1/100's have smaller heads AND
>> articulated hands...
> But the 1/144s give you a _choice_ of fist, gungrip-hand, or open
>which you can't do with the 1/100s.

I prefer just one set of articulated hands...then you dont have to
store and change hands all the time; plus, they're easier to paint!

 I'm not sure what you mean about the
>big heads, the 1/144s seem to have heads that are actually a little
>in proportion with the way I think the Gundams look in the show.

Looking at the 1/100 TG3, I say its head is perfect. The 1/144 TG3
head doesn't look as good; I guess were venturing into personal taste
territory here, but look at most garage kits, and their heads are
most often smaller than the plastic version of the same kit, which
produces a more scale effect...

>> Eh, I have to say nah on that one. The small guy looks VERY 1/144-ish
>> with it's big head, something that is hard to get rid of on small
> Hrm... I still don't see the big head syndrome for some reason...
but I
>guess I thought the 1/100 kits had heads that were _way_ too small!

Well, there you go!

>> kits like that. The 1/100 has great legs and looks mammoth with the
>> missle bays folded out...
> Which you an do with the 1/144. But I will admit that I don't like
>"Swapping out" the missile packs on the smaller kit instead of just
>opening the doors on the 1/100 kit. On the other hand, the smaller kit
>the waist-skirt missile pods which the 1/100 kit lacks!
> Most importantly, it can actually hold its guns without worrying
>them falling off like in the 1/100 kit.

Falling off? I don't have this kit yet, but I was thinking about getting
it. Falling off its back or hands?

>> Again, I have to disagree. The FA pose is nice, but the 1/100 looks
>> more scale, althouogh they are close...
> My 1/100 DSHC just looks kinda plain compared to the more compact and
>equally well detailed 1/144. And my smaller one doesn't keep falling

Well, just weight the feet...

>> The 1/144 Serpent lacks all the extra weapons of the 1/100
>> >kit, but it's more poseable, and solider which means it can actually
>> LACKS ALL THE EXTRA WEAPONS!!!!!????? The Serpent IS Mr.Weapons!!!!
>> C'mon, Probe! More guns means more funs!!!!!!You, Mr. Garasaki-fan,
> Hee hee hee!
> I TOLD you I bought the big one too!
>> of all people, should know that!!!! Plus, Ole' Serpent is so big and
>> chunky he deserves to be in the same scale along side the MG GP-02A
> Hey, I LIKE the weapons.
> The problem is, the 1/100 serpent comes with basically the same
>the 1/144 kit comes with, except that its gatling is a recycled
>gun, its beam cannon is as simple and as undetailed as the 1/144
>and its giant beam bazzoka is plain, undetailed, and is only a giant
>two-piece weapon! What makes it worse is that _unlike_ the 1/144 kit,
>1/100 has its weapons molded in this ugly blue-grey with you must
> -Probe

What are the 1/144 kit weapons molded in?

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