Re: [gundam]More info on Turn-A Gundam revealed on NewType!

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>> Tomino really wants to get away from mecha, it seems. First, the "organic"
>> critters in Brain Powerd, now a remake of the Giant Majin.... (-_-);
>Then he needs to not even make organic Mecha! What I don't understand, if he
>wants to get away from Mecha, why is all his non-Gundam stuff, still basically

Shows must be sponsored. Sponsors are merchandizers. Mecha are merchandise.

Therefore, shows must have mecha or they don't get made. That's how the
Aura Battlers got into Dunbine, until Tomino had enough clout to make
Garzey's Wing.

But even Tomino doesn't have the clout to do a Gundam show without a Gundam....


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