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> One question: What's a subdivision of a tank company called? A tank
>platoon? Or a "team," a la 08th MS Team?

As noted earlier, a tank company is made up of tank platoons, which are
made up of the tank equivalent of squad AKA section AKA team. And the term
for that?

Believe it or not, my references say "troop" -- a term dating back to the
days of chivalry -- just like the Boy/Girl Scouts of America! The word
derives from the Middle French "troupe" -- a company or herd.

Contradicting this ever so slightly, Merriam-Webster defines a troop as "a
cavalry unit corresponding to an infantry company" (1b). On the other
hand, their primary definition is the generic "a group of soldiers" (1a).

Troopers were originally enlisted cavalrymen, thence mounted policemen,
hence state troopers.


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