Re: Re: [gundam] [Gundam] Star Blazers Fleet Battle System
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 17:42:53 EST

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<<MJ Material 6: Z Gundam (1985.8.10, Bandai) had photographs of a 40 x 8cm
1:80,000 scale model of Green Noah 1 (Side 7). Maybe you coudl have two
sets of ships, one scaled for "closeups" deploying MS and one for
engagements with colonies, solar power station satellites, etc.>>

The again, you don't have to do everything to scale, if you did distances
would be huge, and you'd end needing a huge amount of space to play. Thus, in
most games the miniatures/counters are actually a bigger scale than the weapon
ranges and whatnot. I'm pretty sure Heavy Gear and Jovian Chronicles are like


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