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Mark Simmons (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:43:47 -0800

Dafydd writes,

>That's spot-on for the Army table of organization (TO). Companies are
>divided into Platoons and, in fact, there's a specific job title of Platoon
>Sergeant, applicable to E-5 to E-8, for an NCO who heads up the squads or
>sections of a platoon. A Platoon usually consists of at least two squads,
>so Shiro should have another team under him.

  Ah, but that's in the case of infantry. Tank battalions are orgainzed
differently, with a company consisting of about 20 tanks rather than
hundreds of foot soldiers - that's why the tank organization seemed
applicable to mobile suits. The ranks of the commanding officers,
however, are unchanged; evidently commanding a single tank is considered
a responsibility equivalent to running a squad of infantry.

Meanwhile, Buji helpfully explains,

>A platoon, at least in the US military. The platoon is 4 tanks.

  Gotcha. So the nomenclature is the same across the board. Thus, we
could have a mobile suit organization like this...

  1 battalion = 4 companies = 64 mobile suits
  1 company = 4 platoons ("teams") = 16 mobile suits
  1 platoon = 4 mobile suits = 4 mobile suits

  The numbers are pretty variable depending on organization and carrying
capacity of ships involved. For example, the Kojima Battalion in 08th MS
Team consists of one headquarters company, one anti-mobile suit infantry
company, and only two mobile suit companies. Each MS company is made up
of four teams of three mobile suits each, for a battalion total of only
24 mobile suits.

-- Mark

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