[gundam] 8th MS Team's RX-79[G]

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 12:59:22 -0800

Gundam Project state that RX-79[G] is made from 80% Gundam parts and
the rest from GM parts. What were ditch in the process?

The generator is almost certaintly the same, which gives Gundam G its
good mobility. The core-block system is gone, since there isn't
really much practical use for it on the ground. Gundam G started
with machine-gun before being fitted with Beam Rifle. I take it that
Gundam G's arm and weapon delievery system was never fitted with the
wimpy beam spray gun, which seemed to draw the mega-particle from the
GM's reactor.

What else is different (yes I know that the head is different).

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