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>>If Mobile Suits are analogous to tanks rather than planes and MS pilots are
>>regarded as infantryman or cavalry rather than "knights of the air"
>>aviators, then the same rules apply to MS as apply to tank crews or
> Actually, I just jotted a reply to that "Star Blazers combat system"
>thread positing that we can compare mobile suits to tanks from an
>organizational standpoint - tanks use the same
>"division/battalion/company" terminology as infantry, but the numbers of
>vehicles at each level are comparable to those of plane or mobile suit
>units. This would let us refer to "companies" of mobile suits rather than
>the awkward "squadrons," though I remain curious as to the nomenclature
>for the platoon-equivalent tank unit.
> If my cursory Web-surfing yields accurate results, the appropriate
>commander rank for each level is something like this...
> Unit Commander Rank Gundam Example
> Division Major General Neuen Bitter, Yuri Kerane
> Brigade Brigadier General
> Regiment Colonel Ma Kube, Desert Rommel
> Battalion Lt. Colonel Kojima (08th MS Team)
> Company Captain Ranba Ral, South Burning
> (Team?) Lieutenant Shiro Amada
> Does that seem more or less apt?

That's spot-on for the Army table of organization (TO). Companies are
divided into Platoons and, in fact, there's a specific job title of Platoon
Sergeant, applicable to E-5 to E-8, for an NCO who heads up the squads or
sections of a platoon. A Platoon usually consists of at least two squads,
so Shiro should have another team under him.

On the other hand, that's the TO for Infantry. I'm not sure if it's the
same for Cavalry, which is what a tank corps would be.


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