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> anyone have any idea what color is noah brights hair??... is it
>purple?.or black??..or brown??
>coz i juz bought this academy model kit of this figure... and is there any
>photos of the federation uniforms?... there seems to be a brown colour
>scheme of the uniform and a blue colour scheme of it..

Illustrators can take liberties. Throughout all of the anime that I've
seen -- the three Gundam movies, Z Gundam, Gundam ZZ and CCA -- Bright
Noah's hair has always been jet black.

Federation uniforms came in a variety of colors in the original series, but
the officers wore a greyish beige or brownish grey, which I dubbed
"groundhog grey" but which I think is called "taupe" in the fashion world.

Crew uniforms were blue and red for the most part, with some of the women
in pink....


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