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>> Agh!! No techinology, NOOOOOOOOO!! This is really way different from other
>> Gundam shows. This story line is wacky for a Gundam show! It should be
>> called
>> Turn the Gundam Saga into A fantasy adventure ala Dunbine or a Super Robot
>> show. Whats next, Mighty Morphin Gundam Combiner!!
>Well, it could be worse... *pictures the new gundam performing a Hadouken a la
>Street Fighter* heh, isn't that a nice thought ?

Been there, done that, too.

Mobile Fighter G Gundam....

And, really, that's been my only complaint about G Gundam -- it strayed too
far from the Gundam war-is-harmful-to-children-and-other-living-things
theme, not to mention the quasi-uniqueness of the Gundam and/or its pilot,
to carry the Gundam name. If it'd been Mobile Fighter Amaterasu (that
gives you "Shining" and "God" in one name, doesn't it?) or Mobile Fighter
Goldfinger or something, I'd've dug it from the start.

I'm not against innovation or even radical change. Z Gundam is still my
all-time favorite, in part because of the way it turns everything
inside-out, with the *Federation* now the enemy and Amuro and Char working
together, albeit still at odds with one another. Brilliant! A Titan sees
the light, a good girl goes bad, Camille chases every skirt but the one
chasing him....

Gundam W showed that you could do alternate universe and still be true to
the Gundam theme, although I still don't like the Team Gundam concept. At
least there were only five, although those five multiplied like rabbits,
instead of every MS being Gundam. The five G Boys were quite a departure
from the usual Gundam protagonist, but the substance was there even if the
form was radically different.

On the other hand, Gundam X showed that you could hew to the forms and miss
the substance almost entirely. They even brought back White Base and the
Great Chase across the war-ravaged world. Problem is, they weren't going
anywhere or appear to be doing anything of note along the way.

So we may have another Gundam W here ... or another Gundam X. Neither of
those shows had Tomino at the helm, who did a great job with V Gundam. He
made the original Gundam what it was by breaking practically every rule of
Giant Robot genre: the robot wasn't the hero, it wasn't noble and it didn't
have a fighting spirit of its own. (Although Tomino left that a question
by having the Gundam give a good simulation of those characteristics in its
final moments) He's always complained about the restrictions placed on him
by the merchandizers on one hand and the fans on the other.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll show us now what he's wanted to do all along....


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