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>Whats next, Mighty Morphin Gundam Combiner!!

Been there, done that. The original Gundam was a "combiner" that blended
the Core Fighter with A Parts (head, shoulders and arms) and B Parts (hips
and legs) to create Gundam and recombined those parts and Core Booster to
create G-Armor, G-Bull, G-Fighter and G-Sky. The technology is called the
Core Block System (CBS).

In Z Gundam, the RX-178 Gundam Mk.II combines with the FXA-05D G-Defencer
to form the Super Gundam.

The MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam is the champion combiner, however, replacing the A
Parts and B Parts with transforming fighters, analogous to the Core
Fighter, called Core Top and Core Base, respectively. The ZZ transformed
into G-Fortress, but the Core Top and Core Fighter could merge into another
(unnamed) craft, as could the Core Base and Core Fighter. And, yes, it
took three pilots to bring it all together. "Always Three, Working As
One...!" (^_^)

The Core Block System made it's triumphant return in V Gundam. The A Parts
and B Parts are now called Top Limb and Bottom Limb. Again, the Top Limb
and Core Fighter could join to form the Top Fighter and the Bottom Limb and
Core Fighter could join to form the Bottom Fighter. There was no further
recombination of which I'm aware, but fully formed LM312V04 V Gundam could
merge Super Gundam style with the SD-VB03A Dash to form the V-Dash Gundam.

"Go, Go, Gundam Rangers....!"


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