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> Is there a cheap way to produce 10's or even 100's of small scale MS's?
> Let's see, if we limit to land battle, we can set the scale to 1:550,
> making the MS's 3.3 cm tall, then the Gallop landship is about 8.7 cm
> long, the Apsaras would be about 7-8 cm tall... pretty good. But the
> White Base would be 45 cm long! Sign... guess you can't have
> everything... Space battle would be great too, imagine putting 5
> Megallens, 20 Salamis's and 100 GMs on one side and 20 Musais and 100
> Zaku/Doms on the other side on a table top...

But then you'd need 1:550 scale models of space colonies (58 x 11 meters)
-- one, at least, to re-enact the colony drop scenarios and another to
represent the Solar Ray System -- and asteroid fortresses Luna-2, Solomon
and A'Bao'A'Qu.

MJ Material 6: Z Gundam (1985.8.10, Bandai) had photographs of a 40 x 8cm
1:80,000 scale model of Green Noah 1 (Side 7). Maybe you coudl have two
sets of ships, one scaled for "closeups" deploying MS and one for
engagements with colonies, solar power station satellites, etc.


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