Re: [gundam]More info on Turn-A Gundam revealed on NewType!

Richie Ramos (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:48:25 +0800

>> Agh!! No techinology, NOOOOOOOOO!! This is really way different from other
>> Gundam shows. This story line is wacky for a Gundam show! It should be
>> called
>> Turn the Gundam Saga into A fantasy adventure ala Dunbine or a Super Robot
>> show. Whats next, Mighty Morphin Gundam Combiner!!
>Let me also say, the story is kinda cool for a non Gundam show, but for a
>Gundam show? I really want to see a few episodes of Turn A Gundam.

        I'd like to see it's an intriguing concept, the ultimate
Alternate reality for gundam...but they better be careful, it's kinda like
stepping on the toes of other bandai stuff.

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