Re: [gundam] Speculations / why the new Gundam will eventually loose its helmet.

Richie Ramos (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:40:00 +0800

>1. The new Gundam will reveal it's face in a Shining Gundamish

        And turn into a Headmaster! BWAHAHAHAH!
        Or, even worse, it has an attack thingie like the f91.

>2. The new Gundam's face is soo ugly that it will only reveal its face as a
>final attempt to defeat the enemy.

        Honestly, I don't even think it has a face, just a lot of cheek armor!
        Gundam Hamster!

>3. In one of the dramatic battles the deperate hero will take off the
>helmet and place it backwards on the enemy MS' head thus making the enemy's
>camera useless.

        Or maybe it's like some of the older super robotes, like danguard ace,
where the helmet turns into a minifighter...then the whole robot
transforms, and becomes a booster/weapons unit for the core fighter/helmet...

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