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<< What's a Gundam PG model kit? I can't seem to find one here, so can
 anyone tell me how it differs from the others? What scale is it in?
The 1/60 PG RX-78 Gundam is THE MOST detaild Gundam Model Ever produced. With
Master Grape (MG) models, you build an internal structure, but usually it just
involves a couple of pieces per part (arm, leg, etc.). With the PG Gundam,
you literally build every single part of the internal frame including the
pistons, Machine guns inside the head, etc. It is an AWESOME model, but as
you might have noticed from Ollie's Proffessional Sadism Thread, it is the
most GRUELING modelling experience you will ever have, until the PG Zaku. You
can find pics of it at :

It is awesome, isn't it?

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