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Chien Ting Chin writes,

>BTW, I read from a Chinese site that says Soloman saw 24 Megallens, 121
>Salamis's, >5000 GMs on the Fed size, and 3 Gwazines, 48 Musais and >3000
>MSs (Zaku, Rick-Doms etc) on the Zion size in action. Both sides had many
>other smaller crafts involved too. What a terrible war!
>What do you think about these figures?

  The figures are from Entertainment Bible 39, and more or less match
those from Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG supplement. The numbers of ships
sound about right, but I still think the numbers of mobile suits are
terribly inflated. On the Zeon side, three Gwajins, 4 cruisers, and one
Doros-class carrier would only be capable of carrying about 400-450
mobile suits between them... and I sincerely doubt they crammed 2500+
mobile suits into Solomon with no means of transporting them into battle.
Other mobile suit headcounts in EB 39 are similarly inflated, including
the kill scores listed for the ace pilots in the back of the book. Sigh.

  Anyway, on the ship side, the aforementioned Hobby Japan book adds lots
and lots of nifty details, including the arrangement of the fleets in
major battles, the division of the Federation fleet in each phase of
Operation Star One, and the rates at which each side produced new ships
and mobile suits during the last months of the war. Pretty darn cool!

Incidentally, more thoughts on fleet arrangements (which we were
discussing a couple of weeks ago). I note that, in the opening movies of
Giren's Greed, we see the Zeon fleet arranged into groups of one
Chibe-class and four Musai-class cruisers, forming a five-ship squadron
that should carry 18 mobile suits. Take three of these squadrons and give
them a Gwajin-class command ship, and you have a sixteen-ship fleet with
a capacity of about 78 mobile suits.

  This works pretty well by comparison with the fleet figures from EB 39
and the Hobby Japan book, though in some cases they list three Musais for
every Chibe, rather than the four suggested by Giren's Greed. Still, the
ratio of Gwajins to cruisers is pretty constant. Perhaps the fleets can
be arranged into four four-ship squadrons or three five-ship squadrons as
circumstances dictate...

  And by the way, a question for you military buffs (I know you're out
there!). I've just noticed that tank forces use the same terminology as
infantry - armored divisions are made up of tank battalions (and other
forces), which are in turn made up of about four companies of about 20
tanks each. That gives us a battalion strength identical to that of a
Zeon fleet - about 80 tanks/mobile suits - and, by likening mobile suits
to tanks, we can use the same division/battalion/company terminology.

  One question: What's a subdivision of a tank company called? A tank
platoon? Or a "team," a la 08th MS Team?

-- Mark

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