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Dafydd writes,

>Yes and yes. You simply go to the recruiter, present your credentials,
>take the tests (mandatory, even if you already have a Ph.D. -- bureaucracy,
>again) and turn down the hundreds of requests and heartfelt advice to apply
>for OTS. You can't be submitted for officer candidacy without your
>knowledge and consent no matter how much your CO thinks you deserve it.

  Actually, that sounds rather apt in the case of Matsunaga... I can see
him, the son of a high-status business clan who enlists against his
family's wishes, signing up as a grunt out of sheer stubbornness... :-)

>If Mobile Suits are analogous to tanks rather than planes and MS pilots are
>regarded as infantryman or cavalry rather than "knights of the air"
>aviators, then the same rules apply to MS as apply to tank crews or

  Actually, I just jotted a reply to that "Star Blazers combat system"
thread positing that we can compare mobile suits to tanks from an
organizational standpoint - tanks use the same
"division/battalion/company" terminology as infantry, but the numbers of
vehicles at each level are comparable to those of plane or mobile suit
units. This would let us refer to "companies" of mobile suits rather than
the awkward "squadrons," though I remain curious as to the nomenclature
for the platoon-equivalent tank unit.

  If my cursory Web-surfing yields accurate results, the appropriate
commander rank for each level is something like this...

  Unit Commander Rank Gundam Example

  Division Major General Neuen Bitter, Yuri Kerane
  Brigade Brigadier General
  Regiment Colonel Ma Kube, Desert Rommel
  Battalion Lt. Colonel Kojima (08th MS Team)
  Company Captain Ranba Ral, South Burning
  (Team?) Lieutenant Shiro Amada

  Does that seem more or less apt?

>About that two-step promotion: it always bothers me when I see people being
>promoted as a reward for something, usually political rather than military
>in nature.

  What can I say? In Gundam, promotion-as-reward seems to be a regular
procedure. Maybe, in the case of the Zeons, it's a necessary evil caused
by the heavy losses of the first few weeks of the war, causing them to
promote anyone who seemed to have half an idea what he was doing...

-- Mark

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