Re: [gundam]More info on Turn-A Gundam revealed on NewType!

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At 11:31 PM 09-02-99 -0500, Kota wrote:
>They revealed the story behind the new series.

>They demanded land for them to live back on Earth, otherwise they'll
>forcifully take the North American plain. Not all the Moon Race is
>combative, and they just want happily coexist with people on Earth. Of
>course, not all of them are like that.

hmmm, we've never seen a Gundam where colonists/Moon dwellers demand to
come back to earth to live

>That day, Rolan Seaac was to go to coming-of-age ceremony. But as the
>Moon Race attacked, he was absorbed into a robot that came out of
>stone statue(!)...

??? Sorry, didn't quite understand at first. I had to read that a couple
of times. So, absorbed? No cockpit (well no-one knows at the moment).
Wow, this really take the pilot/robot bond a lot further than the UC universe.

>* It seems there is no MS technology in this universe, as none of mechas
>are explicitly called "MS".

Sounds kinda like fantasy. Almost Dunbine-ish. Tomino really meant it
went he said the series would really be like no other. Could this be how
he envisioned the original Gundam story? Perhaps I am asking too many
questions at this stage, but I wonder if the Newtype element will still be
there? Wow, I am getting excited.

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