Re: [gundam] [Gundam] Star Blazers Fleet Battle System
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 00:23:04 EST

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<<Is there a cheap way to produce 10's or even 100's of small scale MS's?
  Let's see, if we limit to land battle, we can set the scale to 1:550,
  making the MS's 3.3 cm tall, then the Gallop landship is about 8.7 cm
  long, the Apsaras would be about 7-8 cm tall... pretty good. But the
  White Base would be 45 cm long! Sign... guess you can't have
  everything... Space battle would be great too, imagine putting 5
  Megallens, 20 Salamis's and 100 GMs on one side and 20 Musais and 100
  Zaku/Doms on the other side on a table top...>>

I've actually been thinking about something similar, although instead of
miniatures, use counters, ala those little things from Squad Leader.
Coincidently I had a dream the other night where I found three Gundam
miniatures... An RX-78-2, a GP-01, and a Jegd Doga. I think I shoudl cut back
on the model paint. :)


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