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>Look at those miniature ships, aren't they a beaut? (Even thought I am
>not crazy about table top war games myself)
>Can't we do something like that for Gundam? Actually someont was
>about some rules right? Whatever happened to that?

Well, I helped make up some rules a long time ago for playing it in the
Mecha! gaming system. However, what I was referring to last week was a
tabletop game system that the folks on this mailinglist had come up with
3 or
4 years ago. I seemed to remember it using your models in the combat and
RPG aspect of the game. Unfortunately, like so many other things in the
I have long since lost the messages that detailed the rules.
Does anybody else here remember what I am talking about? Probe? Mark
Simmons? Roger Harkavy? Dyar?

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