Re: [gundam] 1/144 Endless Waltz

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 14:31:23 -0700 (MST)

> Not just HJ; I have some of the 1/100's, and I have seen photos of
> the 1/144 kits everywhere, including the mod-free Bandai flyer...

  I have ALL the 1/100 kits and ALL of the 1/144s (with the exception of
the TallgeeseIII which is a recycled TI)

> > The 1/144s are newer and have better technology and all-around better
> They may have better Joints but the 1/100's have smaller heads AND
> articulated hands...

  But the 1/144s give you a _choice_ of fist, gungrip-hand, or open hand,
which you can't do with the 1/100s. I'm not sure what you mean about the
big heads, the 1/144s seem to have heads that are actually a little more
in proportion with the way I think the Gundams look in the show.

> I would say the 1/144 Nataku is the one 1/144 that looks better than
> it's big brother. I love its feet, and those posing claws...are

  They are pretty nice!

> there polycaps in each segment of the arm of the claw, as HJ makes it
> look in the 98 Sept ish?

  The 1/100 kit gives you only about five segments with little hinge
joints in them that _don't_ give you much freedom of motion at all, while
the 1/144 kit gives you all sorts of removable polycapped legnths of
segments (!) which allow you to do some really neat poses!
  MOST importantly, the 1/144 has superior elbows which allow posing and
you don't need to worry about the forearm drop off syndrome that afflicts
the 1/100 kit.

> Eh, I have to say nah on that one. The small guy looks VERY 1/144-ish
> with it's big head, something that is hard to get rid of on small

   Hrm... I still don't see the big head syndrome for some reason... but I
guess I thought the 1/100 kits had heads that were _way_ too small!

> kits like that. The 1/100 has great legs and looks mammoth with the
> missle bays folded out...

  Which you an do with the 1/144. But I will admit that I don't like
"Swapping out" the missile packs on the smaller kit instead of just
opening the doors on the 1/100 kit. On the other hand, the smaller kit has
the waist-skirt missile pods which the 1/100 kit lacks!
  Most importantly, it can actually hold its guns without worrying about
them falling off like in the 1/100 kit.

> Again, I have to disagree. The FA pose is nice, but the 1/100 looks
> more scale, althouogh they are close...

  My 1/100 DSHC just looks kinda plain compared to the more compact and
equally well detailed 1/144. And my smaller one doesn't keep falling
> The 1/144 Serpent lacks all the extra weapons of the 1/100
> >kit, but it's more poseable, and solider which means it can actually
> LACKS ALL THE EXTRA WEAPONS!!!!!????? The Serpent IS Mr.Weapons!!!!
> C'mon, Probe! More guns means more funs!!!!!!You, Mr. Garasaki-fan,

  Hee hee hee!
  I TOLD you I bought the big one too!

> of all people, should know that!!!! Plus, Ole' Serpent is so big and
> chunky he deserves to be in the same scale along side the MG GP-02A

  Hey, I LIKE the weapons.
  The problem is, the 1/100 serpent comes with basically the same weapons
the 1/144 kit comes with, except that its gatling is a recycled Heavyarms
gun, its beam cannon is as simple and as undetailed as the 1/144 version,
and its giant beam bazzoka is plain, undetailed, and is only a giant
two-piece weapon! What makes it worse is that _unlike_ the 1/144 kit, the
1/100 has its weapons molded in this ugly blue-grey with you must paint!


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