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> Hiya, I am back ^_-
> Well, I have just received my PG Gundam. Whoever made this deserves to be
> ...I was up till 2:00am just building the flipping head!!
> Anyway, my question is which screws go where!
> Mata aouze
> Ollie
> -- >>
>You are right, it is almost kind of a masochistic experience, but when you
>have that Gundam all put together, you forget the suffering. As far as the
>screws, I used the black screws with the thinner head on the head, and from
>there used the other set of black screws for the other "symbol" screws.
>baffled me is that I still have 1 or 2 screws left over. i think they were
>extras, but I couldn't see any steps that I might have missed.

can any kind soul out there.. compile a list of tips and hints to build this
...darn complex PG gundam??...

thanx in advance!!!

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