Re: [gundam] Professional Sadism...
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:45:17 EST

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 Hiya, I am back ^_-
 Well, I have just received my PG Gundam. Whoever made this deserves to be
 ...I was up till 2:00am just building the flipping head!!
 Anyway, my question is which screws go where!
 Mata aouze
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You are right, it is almost kind of a masochistic experience, but when you
have that Gundam all put together, you forget the suffering. As far as the
screws, I used the black screws with the thinner head on the head, and from
there used the other set of black screws for the other "symbol" screws. What
baffled me is that I still have 1 or 2 screws left over. i think they were
extras, but I couldn't see any steps that I might have missed.

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