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Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 01:10:48 PST

>> have to say after looking at all the 1/144 and 1/100 EW kit
>> in Hobby Japan, the 1/100 look more dynamic. Better proportions all
> You can't really go by HJ! You know they load up their kits with all
>sorts of customizations! It's natural that the 1/100s will look better
>then, since they have more _room_ for the mods!

Not just HJ; I have some of the 1/100's, and I have seen photos of
the 1/144 kits everywhere, including the mod-free Bandai flyer...
just look at HLJ!

>> around, and the 1/144 look stiff compared to the 1/100. The 1/100
>> Tallgeese III is simply stunning!!
> It's actually opposite in RL.
> The 1/144s are newer and have better technology and all-around better
>proportions than the standard 1/100 kits.

They may have better Joints but the 1/100's have smaller heads AND
articulated hands...

 In particular, the Nattaku is
>perfect in 1/144 while the 1/100 uses some Shenlong parts which don't
>right at all!

I would say the 1/144 Nataku is the one 1/144 that looks better than
it's big brother. I love its feet, and those posing claws...are
there polycaps in each segment of the arm of the claw, as HJ makes it
look in the 98 Sept ish?

 The Heavyarms actually looks better in the smaller scale,
>where the lack of surface detail isn't so jarring.

Eh, I have to say nah on that one. The small guy looks VERY 1/144-ish
with it's big head, something that is hard to get rid of on small
kits like that. The 1/100 has great legs and looks mammoth with the
missle bays folded out...

 The Deathscythe lacks
>the wing-joints of the 1/100 kit, but it also looks better in the
>scale and the wings look more 'fierce' and dramatic as well! Plus it
>with a back peg pivot which allows you to cant the wings forward, which
>the 1/100 kit lacks. Also the wings are significantly lighter and hence
>the kit is much better balanced!

Again, I have to disagree. The FA pose is nice, but the 1/100 looks
more scale, althouogh they are close...

 The 1/144 wing is better proportioned and
>has actually more dynamically poseable wings than the 1/100 kit. It
>actually even requires LESS paint because the parts are molded in the
>right colors.

I'll take your word on that one...*flapflapflap...*

 The 1/144 Serpent lacks all the extra weapons of the 1/100
>kit, but it's more poseable, and solider which means it can actually
>its weapons properly, and its proportions are actually better looking.
>get the idea.
> -Probe

LACKS ALL THE EXTRA WEAPONS!!!!!????? The Serpent IS Mr.Weapons!!!!
C'mon, Probe! More guns means more funs!!!!!!You, Mr. Garasaki-fan,
of all people, should know that!!!! Plus, Ole' Serpent is so big and
chunky he deserves to be in the same scale along side the MG GP-02A
 and the cool 1/20 character figures that come
with.....and the ease of painting a bigger kit!

Mark Kai

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