Re: [gundam] Gundam '99 and knee-jerk responses.

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>These discussions remind me a lot of way back when the first info
>regarding Gundam F-91 was filtering into the US. Personally, I really
>wasn't too hot on the mecha designs, what I knew about the plot,
>characters, etc., but I was excited about what was going to be the first
>Tomino Gundam series since Char's Counterattack. I gave it a try. I ended
>up hating it, but at least I waited until the end of the movie to decide
>that I did.
>So relax a bit, and when this new show comes around, give it a chance and
>open your mind to something new. It's probably why you started watching
>Gundam in the first place...

        Actuallt, just thinking about it...the big difference in this gundam is
that the design precepts are not for oriental armor but for Medieval. I
mean, all you have to do is give the guy a claymore and a horse, and there
you go!
        If anything, this design is really very westernized...the cross on its
body goes back to heraldic look, and the helmet may also be an offshoot
design from the medieval stuff.
        HOwever, I do agree that the legs look like glorified hoovers, and that
the shield is weird. As for the flunkkies in the background, I am reminded
of Robotech and all that, for some reason.

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