Re: [gundam] Gundam '99 and knee-jerk responses.

Bernard Ng (
Mon, 08 Feb 1999 19:56:32 PST

Time to unlurk..... and ramble:

Now that's out of my system, I hope see things clearly

>I dislike the Turn A Gundam, Gundam and show name, but I will not
>automatically hate the show because of the new Gundam. The plot can be
good. I
Well, the name may not be the best but I don't hate it, come on what
sought of a name is Gundam anyway??

>don't watch anime just for robots, but Mecha do add eye candy and a
>extra coolness factor. Gundam F91 still had the Gundam spirit, this I
can see where you are coming from, great mecha designs can get you away
with alot. Case in point: Macross. However, it's not everything, I mean,
how many times can you watch Macross and not be bored? I can learnt
something new with each viewing of a good Gundam series. The character
interaction and plot is as good as it can get.

>This is why I think some folks are
>judgeing the show by just a tiny production drawing.
I personally think that it is the design that put me off. Can't say abt
the plot characters or anything else. A gundam design is only that oozes
functionality (as far as Bandai will allow). So till I see some purpose
for the design like the hit-me cross in the chest, i am incline to
dislike the design.

>> First of all, how can anyone possibly judge this show when all
>> available to us is a logo, a tiny scan of what appears to be
>> pre-production art, and a thimbleful of information on the
characters and
>> plot?
I certainly hope that the rest of Turn A is good, I love to be proved
wrong in this case. A story that can totally turn the fans preoccupation
from the design will be a good one, one I would enjoy.

>> Thirdly, since when did anyone watch Gundam solely for the mecha?
>> are other things that make up anime shows called plots, stories, and
>> characters. In some shows, blink and you may miss them, but they are
>> there. When watching the original Gundam movies, sure, the mecha are
>> pretty crude and bulbous, but is it fair for me to focus on this one
>> and discount the entire show? No.
You are right, I watch the retconned version of gundam before I watched
MSG, I totally dislike the MSG designs but it has one of the best
stories of all. The others all seem pretty thin compared to it!

However, somethings you still can't change, while the designs for F91 is
good, I would think it is better if it has more meat to the story. Sigh
you win some, you lose some.

>> So relax a bit, and when this new show comes around, give it a
chance and
>> open your mind to something new. It's probably why you started
>> Gundam in the first place...
I would try, after all i watch Gundam being bored with all those
plotless yarns I was rotting my brain with.... BUT I do hope that the
Turn A would turn up different.

aka BishopA
"he who is crazy about the Zaku"
PS: I am sad the Zakus are not likely to return (from the gif)

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