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Fri, 05 Feb 1999 12:25:38 PST

>Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 01:25:36 EST
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Chars Counter: Special Edition?
>What about the Action Replay 3 - 1 Converter they have?
Most of these
>converters are just the glorifed swap technique to play
Japanese games. Is
>this one the same way? Game Cave ( has
one for PSX also. Its
>costs more, but Game Cave tells you a little about. Can
the swap tech. hurt my
>PSX? I have heard it does, so I don't buy imports
anymore because of this. Is
>Gundam Battle Master 2 any good?

There are now REAL PSX converters that ust snap into the
MPEG slot on the back of the PSX. They work too! I'm not
sure of the names though because the same thing will
often get renamed 8 or 9 times. This sounds like it

However a chip mod is still the best way to go. The chip
only costs $15 at most. If you can't solder, then send
it away to have it done. A lot of people have
aprehensions about sending thier $129 console away to a
company who' main business is defeating schemes designed
to protect copyright laws in the first place, but I
think you will find it to be WAY worth it, if you go to
the right place. Try if they are
still up. Some friends of mine have ordered at least two
dozen chips on several occasions, and yes this place
knows how to install them in ALL models of PSX.

Does the swap hurt your PSX? Well that depends. If
you're using the old single swap method that involves
going to the CD player screen, no. I don't care what
people say. The game doesn't always play right though.
Some of the older games with a lot of redbook CD audio
will play the wrong music in certain areas because the
PSX is trying to use the table of contens on the disk
you swapped it with.

If you are using the double swap methood that requires
you to swap the CDs while they are spinning, stop now!
PSXs are made like papercraft models inside. You may
very well damage the piece of crap drive they put in the
thing. I do a live swap on my Saturn to play bootlegs,
but that thing is built TOUGH, an can take the stress.

Is Battle Master 2 any good? Well, in the scope of
Gundam games, yes. Most Gundam games (non-war sim) are
pretty crappy, so when one comes out that is as good as
Battle Master 2, I'm realy impressed. The mechs look
great and there are a lot of them. If you have never
seen either Battle Master, then you should because the
robots look realy great. The game is a bit un-ballenced
though. If you know how to use the FAZZ, or The O, then
you will not lose to any other mech.


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