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> Subject: Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!
> Just to add my lurking voice to this discussion:
> Ewww! Quick step on it! Kill it!
> Is it me or do Americans have a genetic defect when it comes to robot design?
> No offense to all of you aspiring mecha designers, but american robots always
> seem to lack that special something...

Genetic, no. Inexperience, yes. The Japanese seem to have developed an
overall "look" to mecha shows that is now sort of a standard. We certainly
are not used to the standard. Anything we'd attempt would look like a
rip-off of a real mecha show moreso than any kind of new approach. It
is the same with Hong Kong avenge the slain brother/sensei kung fu movies
or American special effects overdose/no plot summer action movies.

I, too, think that picture must (I hope) be a preliminary look. It seems
too simplistic, I mean the whole painting not just the design. I want
detail. Not necessarily a complete genetic descendant of F-91 or V or
Nu Gundam but I certainly want it to look like a well-designed mech, not
just a 5-minute rendering of a Gundam.


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