Re: [gundam] New Gundam Design Revealed!!!
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 17:34:29 EST

I totally agree with everything you said below. This new Gundam doesn't have
the "feel" or "spirit" of the other Gundam designs.


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> Let me start of by saying, I think everything you said below is
> correct. But having said that I also must speak from a slightly different
> point of view. There are some of us out hrer that are lacking one advantage
> that you have and a large portion of your views and open mindedness are
> based on. That being the Luck of having seen most of(of at least a larger
> portion of) these serieses(sp?). Some peope (Myself included untill about 7
> months ago) Have only seen one or two episodes from each series at most,
> mabey one movie. For those people, story and characters have a little more
> abstract a value. After seing these shows, Ill be the first to agree that
> adds Infinitly to the coolness that is gundam, But Most of us who werent
> born in\spent time in japan came to love gundam for one reason, the really
> cool, similarly styled robots. Example, Ive read many times in the last few
> posts how non gundam like the f91 series was. And im sure to people who
> introduced to it by the anime as opposed to by the models or posters/gifs
> agree. But as someone who searched for tapes for years before finding one
> solitary tape of CCA, I can see gundam in the f91. Sure its rounded and
> "seemless" but still has the chest intakes, the head antenna, the leg
> the FEEL of gundam to someone who loves the series because of the mecha.
> Especially if your first model was the neo gundam with the flowchat of
> gundam evolution from the f90 (very rx-78/178ish) to the f91(In retrospect
> very different but I didnt see That at the time). To these people, and
> who really Focus on the mecha aspect dispite viewing the shows, THe new
> design is a little threatining and an initial let down. Im not assuming the
> show will suck, or that the mecha will suck, but that image, .... It
> It probaly wouldnt if it were a new show, but that image held up to the
> expectations of mecha starved americans just dosent mesure up. To me it
> looks like a direct decendant of some of the dragonar mecha, which were
> great, but they werent gundam. So again Knowing what I do now I agree with
> all you statements, But I can see the POV of the other side also.
> Sorry for the rant.

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