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        Let me start of by saying, I think everything you said below is
correct. But having said that I also must speak from a slightly different
point of view. There are some of us out hrer that are lacking one advantage
that you have and a large portion of your views and open mindedness are
based on. That being the Luck of having seen most of(of at least a larger
portion of) these serieses(sp?). Some peope (Myself included untill about 7
months ago) Have only seen one or two episodes from each series at most, and
mabey one movie. For those people, story and characters have a little more
abstract a value. After seing these shows, Ill be the first to agree that it
adds Infinitly to the coolness that is gundam, But Most of us who werent
born in\spent time in japan came to love gundam for one reason, the really
cool, similarly styled robots. Example, Ive read many times in the last few
posts how non gundam like the f91 series was. And im sure to people who were
introduced to it by the anime as opposed to by the models or posters/gifs
agree. But as someone who searched for tapes for years before finding one
solitary tape of CCA, I can see gundam in the f91. Sure its rounded and more
"seemless" but still has the chest intakes, the head antenna, the leg vents,
the FEEL of gundam to someone who loves the series because of the mecha.
Especially if your first model was the neo gundam with the flowchat of
gundam evolution from the f90 (very rx-78/178ish) to the f91(In retrospect
very different but I didnt see That at the time). To these people, and those
who really Focus on the mecha aspect dispite viewing the shows, THe new
design is a little threatining and an initial let down. Im not assuming the
show will suck, or that the mecha will suck, but that image, .... It sucks.
It probaly wouldnt if it were a new show, but that image held up to the
expectations of mecha starved americans just dosent mesure up. To me it
looks like a direct decendant of some of the dragonar mecha, which were
great, but they werent gundam. So again Knowing what I do now I agree with
all you statements, But I can see the POV of the other side also.

                                        Sorry for the rant.

William Horner
L2 MACSD Portables

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> > I'll have to focus on Garaski if they don't change the new Gundams
> design.
> Mark Simmons will completely vouch for this, if he remembers:
> Two years ago when I left the Gundam list, I sent Mark an email about why
> I was leaving the list. One of the things I wrote him about was how I was
> having a tough time appreciating the mecha, and that I was going to watch
> a show with more "realistic" mecha instead, and cited VOTOMS as an
> example.
> Today, I think that's one of the stupidest comments I've ever made,
> on-line or otherwise. Blaze, eventually you'll probably feel the same
> about the statement from your own post.
> I'm a Gundam fan, there's no denying it. Otherwise I wouldn't be
> subscribing to this list. There are some elements that I may not like from
> certain series (The mecha of Gundam F-91, the characters of 0083), but
> I've learned not to throw the baby out with the bath water. If I did I'd
> be missing out on too much. I think about every time I might have:
> - Stopped watching Star Trek: TNG because of how much I disliked the
> Enterprise-D
> - Stopped watching Babylon 5 because of the silly Centauri hairstyles
> - Stopped watching VOTOMS because of a mecha named "Danger Melon"
> - Stopped watching Dunbine because there were fairies in the cast
> - Stopped watching L-Gaim because there were people dueling on a desert
> planet with lightsabers (and there were fairies in the cast)
> (and please, if you'd like to discuss any of these, don't post to the
> list, email me privately - let's try keeping things on topic)
> I mean, let's face it, ALL giant robot anime is silly to a degree, because
> the premise of using giant robots for combat is kind of silly. And that
> silliness gets multiplied when you have them scaled up to over 60 feet
> tall and whacking away at each other with swords, axes, and whips. If you
> look at it this way, does it really matter what the facial details on
> these robots are, or what colors they're painted in?
> Again, don't get me wrong, I love this show, but I don't love it to the
> point that I'm insulted when a robot design appears that I don't become
> (emotionally) erect from. And the fact that a "gaijin" is responsible for
> this one doesn't bother me in the least.
> Remember William Shatner saying "it's just a TV show"? Try keeping that in
> mind. There's no reason that you shouldn't be watching it and enjoying it
> (or not enjoying it), but don't discount this show months before it's even
> released based on the appearance of one mecha design.
> ---
> Roger Harkavy

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